iPhone Repair

TechnoFIX specializes in all repairs including battery replacement. All of our technicians are skilled and highly experienced and we have the right equipment to repair your iPhone quickly and hassle-free. We can repair your iPhone within the same business day if not while in-store. Our reliable repair services are extremely cost efficient. TechnoFIX is available to help in convenient locations across the country. Trust TechnoFIX for your iphone repair

Phone Repairs

Cracked Screen

TechnoFIX iPhone screen replacement is now cheaper and quicker than ever before. Most of the iPhone repairs are repaired under thirty minutes. Whatever the issue is, we solve it quickly and your iPhone will look brand new.

Water Damage

We, at TechnoFIX, can understand how depressed you will be, if you have dropped the iPhone in water. Our technicians are professionals in iPhone repairs. They perform various tests, repair and reassemble your device.

No Signal

When you face any connectivity or signal issue on your iPhone, there may be a technical problem such as water damage, SIM card damage or outdated software (that needs to be updated). TechnoFIX provides quick iPhone repair services for all connectivity-related issues.

Broken Buttons

A Button which is broken or not functioning properly can disturb your overall iPhone experience. You can completely rely on our store experts where they offer quick iPhone repair service. They will ensure your iPhone gets back to normal working condition as soon as possible.

Dead Battery

If you’re having any issues with charging your iPhone, then you can visit your nearest TechnoFIX store and get the dead battery fixed on the same day. TechnoFIX technicians can complete the iPhone repair in quick time so that you can complete your daily activities.

Speaker Not Working

If your iPhone speaker isn’t working, then you can visit your TechnoFix store. You can completely depend our experts to fix any speaker issues or replace with the new one (only if required).

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