Our service professionals can fix your laptop or computer technical problems on the same day at the most reasonable cheap prices. But yes, none of our TechnoFIX’s 15 branch professionals in New Zealand compromise on quality and will give only the best quality services. We offer every type of laptop repair in 194 Wairakei Rd Bryndwr road Bryndwr. Our services are not restricted to only common Dell laptop repairs, laptop battery repairs, Lenovo laptop repairs but also resolving complex problems such as laptop virus problems and laptop water damages. Theprofessionals working for TechnoFIX should have at least 5+ years of experience, also possess a certification. So, there is no reason, why you should not trust on us for fixing your phone repairs, iPad repairs, Tablet repairs, laptop repairs and Macbook computer problems.

Call Us at Phone: 03 351 1046 Mobile: 021 024 29598 or Write to us at : Support@technofix.nz Also mention ‘GMB12QCHCH’ for special discount.

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Cracked Screen

TechnoFIX computer screen replacement services are affordable, speedy and available for most common makes and models. Most screen repairs are completed within on the same business day.

Water Damage

At TechnoFIX we understand how distressing it may be if have a water damaged computer. Our technicians can help you to diassemble your computer, clean, repair, and reassemble it in a timely manner.

Slow Performance

Is your computer unusually slow? Then you could be experiencing an issue with the operating system or other internal software. TechnoFIX can diagnose the problem and resolve the problem quickly so your computer will work properly again.

System Crashing

If you’re experiencing black screen this may indicate system failure. In this case, it is important that you bring it for repair immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late as you may not be able to retrieve your files. TechnoFIX offers a free diagnosis and can also give you a free estimate on repair services.

Dead Battery

If your computer’s battery won’t hold it’s charge no matter how often you charge it, visit your local TechnoFix as it can put a serious damper on your productivity. TechnoFIX technicians can quickly repair or replace your current battery so you won’t be without your computer for long.

Speaker Not Working

If the audio on your computer is distorted, visit one of our convenient TechnoFIX locations so that we can solve your problem quickly. You can rely on our speedy and professional service to fix the problem or perform a full speaker replacement if needed.

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